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Sniper Elite 5 Update 1.28 Out Now, Adds Kraken Awakes Support And Multiplayer Fixes

Rebellion has emerged from behind enemy lines with a full intel on the Sniper Elite 5 update 1.28 patch notes, which comes with a boatload of improvements for the sharpshooter as well as support for the Kraken Awakes Pack. Read the latest Sniper Elite 5 patch notes below.

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Intel gathered in previous missions has revealed that Operation Kraken is still a looming threat that demands your immediate action.

Karl Fairburne must utilise the cover of darkness and harness the power of shadows to sabotage an under-construction aircraft carrier, that is the new home of Operation Kraken, and ensure it never sets sail. The fate of the Allies hangs in the balance as you face off against Friedrich Vogel, former deputy to Abelard Möller and the new mastermind behind this diabolical scheme.

A new addition to your arsenal.

Kraken Awakes sends you into the belly of the Axis beast, but it also introduces essential additions to your arsenal. Immerse yourself in an all-American look for Karl with the new Patriot weapon skin and American Airborne character skin.


  • Weapons – Active Reload Indicator is now positioned corretly
  • Pistols – The correct reload animation is now observed for all pistols while in incapacitate state during gameplay
  • GER/ITA/POR(BRA) – Character Customisation – Headgear – ‘German Kriegsmarine officer cap’ text is no longer observed overlapping with ‘Headgear’ text on character customisation screen
  • Airborne Elite – Name of the ‘Parachute Regiment’ skin shows correctly
  • GER – Character Customisation – Headgear – ‘German high ranking officer cap’ text is no longer observed overlapping with ‘Headgear’ text on character customisation screen
  • GER – Character Customisation – Headgear – ‘German infantry helmet (Black)’ text is no longer observed overlapping with ‘Headgear’ text on character customisation screen
  • Epic – DLC – The correct textures are now present in specific locations in all DLC levels
  • Scope on the PZB39 anti-tank rifle appears correctly
  • Female character – M.Pist.44 – Prone player character’s hand is now aligned correctly while aiming ‘M.Pist.44′ SMG and moving the camera view in up and down direction
  • SPA – Axis Invasion – ‘Ghillie suit sniper’ text no longer overflows from the template after changing the ‘Menu Text Size’
  • Access to Upper Platform at end of Mission 8 in now granted
  • The appropriate holding animation of ‘Carl Gustav m/1945′ is now observed while walking in crouch position through ADS view during gameplay
  • Player character is no longer observed to be holding the binoculars in their hands improperly in prone position
  • ‘P.K Berlin’ scope equipped with the ‘Gewehr 1943′ riffle is no longer observed to be clipping with the player character while aiming
  • Shooting Range – The correct magazine size of all weapons is now observed after changing the weapons repeatedly from the workbench
  • POL/RUS – Multiple titles are no longer observed overlapping on the player profile name present inside the player card overlay
  • TERA – Reload wheel is no longer observed appearing twice for the client on successfully reloading the rifle after emptying the clip
  • Occupied Residence – Polish Language – Achievement title for destroying Moller’s car is now correctly listed as ‘It’ll Buff Right Out’
  • PS4 – Research Base – Intro FMV is now present after loading into mission
  • Tide of War – Tank can no longer be destroyed partially off the map
  • RUS – DLC Pack 5 – Drilling – Localised sight attachment name is no longer observed overflowing from the designated area present on the customisation screen
  • Axis Invasion – Players will no longer crash when attempting to join a game after leaving and rejoining lobby several times
  • Survival – Amongst the Rubble – Operation 3 Wave C – PS4 – The appropriate frame rate is now observed when the player is moving around the church area facing the opera building


  • ‘Saboteur’ DLC pack in the store now has the correct title
  • ‘Up Close and Personal’ DLC pack in the store now has the correct title
  • GER/JPN/RUS – Text on Ribbon for medal unlock aligns correctly
  • POL – Special characters are now aligned with their sentences
  • POL – All special characters appear correctly


  • An instance where an XBox One Host Crashed, producing a crash dump when exiting binos has now been resolved.
  • Landing Zone – Host and clients successfully proceed into gameplay after starting the cross-play multiplayer match
  • Players no longer observe a 12011 timeout error when loading into the game after multiple platforms joined the same host’s QM lobby
  • Dam NC – Garages – Z-fighting is no longer observed on the ground around bush and fuel tank
  • Quarry – Player will no longer spawn out of world when loading into map
  • Dam NC – Admin – Invisible collision no longer blocks player from entering room while prone
  • Dropped weapons by dead player have the correct ammo amount when picked up
  • Landing Zone – Tank Hill – Multiple stretched textures are no longer observed on the rocks present in the south of the area